Released v.1.1.1

Released Oxe FM Synth 1.1.1.


– Fixed the problem of total silence with some hosts;
– Improved the VST SDK 2.3 integration (program and bank management, .FXP/.FXB, midiProgramNames);
– Fixed the GUI LCD update when the program is changed via MIDI;
– Added a solution to edit program names in Tracktion (Trackion get all keystrokes from plugin and activate its defaults key-mappings);
– Added a algorithm to reallocate notes when the polyphony was exceeded.


Released v.1.1.0

Released Oxe FM Synth 1.1.0 (thanks to Marc Hoppe by beta-testing).


– Translated some error messages that remains in portuguese;
– Added a bank navigator;
– Added knobs of Reverb and Delay sends per channel (in a moment, this is do via MIDI controllers);
– Added a dialog box to choose the output sound device in EXE version;
– Fixed the problem of knobs that don’t was showed;
– Fixed the send of names of programs to the VST Host;
– Fixed the problem of different sound banks for VST and EXE;
– Fixed the problems to rename the patches in VST Version;
– Fixed some minor bugs;
– When the application is closed the state of channels is saved;
– Fixed the problem of stuck notes.