New site

In the last 3 years, due to a life dedicated to work and family, I get to work in Oxe FM Synth in rare moments, without any releases. I would really like to had done more, but…
Oxe FM Synth is not completly frozen. To help to show it, I’ve decided to change the site. Now I’m using a blog system to manage the site content, as well to offer RSS and a easy way to write something when I have will. Before, while using a static site, it wasn’t possible before doing some web coding and uploading by FTP at home.
But… why now? Simple answer: vacation on Petrolina city (Pernambuco, Brazil). I’ve get to work hard on my personal projects in my last holidays on Petrolina, 3 years before ;-). My two last vacations before the current were inappropriate to work. Sucks…
Now that the site is done, I’ll try to work on the main product.

One thought on “New site

  1. Hello there,

    I have been out of employment for a bit more than
    two years, now I feel like a computer tramp, as my
    computer broke (I am writing from an old second hand
    junk !), being unable to repair it, or finance a new one.

    I would be more than happy to donate, as money is
    the key for R&D, but I am unable to.

    Wish you all the best.

    François from France.


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