Yes, I’m alive :-)

Several years have passed… For those that have contributed (with donations or reporting bugs and wishes) I said “one day I’ll return the development”. So, here I am.

Some weeks before the first version be released, my keyboard (an Alesis QS6) has broken, and I was keeping the developing based on feedbacks of users or even using with a virtual keyboard. Because of this, I couldn’t “feel the sound” and some ancient bugs surprisingly remains until now, when I bought a keyboard (Roland FA-08) and heard [the bugs] in a few minutes of use, while I was remembering [and “feeling”] the presets from the users.

In resume: news soon.


4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m alive :-)

  1. HI! good to see the author of this great free fm synth is alive n kickin!

    i wanted to report a bug. i am running winxpsp3 and use energyXT2
    as my main DAW. i noticed that if i run the dawat 48000khz sample rate,
    oxefm gets out of tune. doesnt happen at 41khz check it out, thanks!


  2. Hi, I think there were some bugs due to the registry and banks stuff.
    I’m downloading last version… Hope they’re fixed.



  3. Hi. I’m really enjoying the synth you have made and I use it a lot. I’m not a serious music maker, but I do have one request. I have Zynewave Podium and I cannot automate the fm amounts of the oscillators inside Oxe. Is there a way you could make it avaialble to route the fm amounts to the modulation knob built into the synth? Or could you just make the modulation for the fm amounts available? Again, thanks for the synth and continue doing great things!


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