New version with automation support

After many requests, here is the version 1.3.0 with full automation support and some useful features to improve the usability.

– new feature: full automation (on channel 1);
– new feature: mouse over feature;
– new feature: double click for default value;
– new feature: host undo/redo support;
– all parameter changes are now applied immediately;
– removed the “compare” function (right click);
– the “store” button now is only used as “copy” function;
– fixed the fine tune display value when keyboard tracking is off;
– fixed bug in LFO rate control.

Thanks to Doktor Italics, Phil Considine and Layzer for beta testing.


2 thoughts on “New version with automation support

  1. Hello! Version 1.3.0 seems the last working for me without “close GUI bug”. v1.3.1 & latest v1.3.2, when click on “close” button, suddenly shuts down DAW also without any confirmation, just crushed it (DAW Renoise v3.0.1 x64, Win 8.1 x64)


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