Version 1.3.4 release

The GUI on Mac OS X was very slow. After trying different approaches on Mac (Cocoa, Core Image, etc.) I’ve decided to implement the GUI using OpenGL that is a great way to make the drawing strategy really portable, sharing the same code base.
Thanks Rui Nuno Capela for help me to idenfity the issue on DAW project loading.

– OSX: using accelerated graphics (OpenGL);
– Linux: fixed possible issue on GUI loading;
– all: fixed possible crash when the GUI is shown on DAW project loading;


KVR One Synth Challenge

Oxe FM Synth was chosen as the synth of month by KVR OSC (one synth challenge). It is about a monthly competition where tracks are made using only one synth then voted on. There are some rules and at the end all tracks are available on SoundCloud. Click here to see the prizes and participate.