Version 1.3.4 release

The GUI on Mac OS X was very slow. After trying different approaches on Mac (Cocoa, Core Image, etc.) I’ve decided to implement the GUI using OpenGL that is a great way to make the drawing strategy really portable, sharing the same code base.
Thanks Rui Nuno Capela for help me to idenfity the issue on DAW project loading.

– OSX: using accelerated graphics (OpenGL);
– Linux: fixed possible issue on GUI loading;
– all: fixed possible crash when the GUI is shown on DAW project loading;


8 thoughts on “Version 1.3.4 release

  1. Y U NO HAVE 32-bit for MAC? 🙂

    I’m still 32-bit through and through and will not be going 64-bit anytime soon. Can you flip a bit and make a fat binary, or are there other issues involved? Thanks for the consideration.


    • The problem is that there isn’t Cocoa for 32-bit. It would need to make a specific porting to Mac 32-bit. It isn’t difficult, because the major part is OpenGL code. We would need to make only the glue between the VST and the OpenGL. The biggest problem is that I don’t have a Mac available anytime.


  2. Hi Guy’s

    How on earth do you make this work on a MAC I thought you needed a component file as well as the VST? Neither Garageband or Ableton Live 8 is picking it up on its own.

    Please help.



    • On Mac you need to put it in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/
      Garageband doesn’t support VST. Ableton Live should recognize it once the VST directory is configured.


  3. Dear inventor of Oxe f.m. sythesizer,
    The sounds that your YouTube demo produce are just what I need. I have a MacBook Pro computer with OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 operating system. I am using Plogue Bidule as the host program. My .vst programs are placed in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST as you have instructed Peter on October 9, 2016. Bidule recognizes and will load any of the other .vst programs, but it does not recognize oxyfmsynth.vst. How do I install your wonderful program on a MacBook Pro computer? Please help. Thanks. — Lee


      • well. saving presets to files is great way for backing up,moving presets to other machines, mailing single preset to a frient) and playing with them in general (i still can’t figure out where oxe keeps its presets so that i could back them up or set my own instrument names). many synths allow that (zynaddsubfx, oatmeal, helm) and i keep my presets both as their internal banks and as directory of preset files.
        i understand that bank/program idea mimicks how hardware synths work, but saving/loading to files is very convenient for software synth.


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