Update available v1.2.1


– Added mouse wheel support;
– Implemented a compare function (just click on right mouse button);
– Fixed stop of mouse drag when beyond the window boundaries;
– Fixed bug that blocks the virtual keyboard of some hosts;
– Fixed effects bug;
– Fixed default skin (buttons Store and Program swapped);
– New skins ‘snow’ and ‘tx802′ + 33 new bass presets by Layzer.




11 years later, a new version is out!

Here is the version 1.2.0. It is mainly a bugfixing version. All annoying known bugs were corrected (I hope so).

I want to thank Layzer for the precious time he spent testing the GUI and making the first alternative skin:




– fixed aleatory pops on envelop decay;
– fixed sustain pedal not working;
– fixed synth stuck after some time;
– fixed out of tune problem when sample rate other than 44100Hz;
– fixed incorrect save state;
– fixed program name editing;
– fixed vst host integration bugs;
– better knobs behaviour;
– MIDI bank select using LSB as index;
– embedded soundbanks (bank0 by “Nolwenn a.k.a Annabelle”, bank1 by “Summa” and “Teksonic”) [for convenience, existing soundbanks are loaded from the filesystem but not saved back in original file];
– no registry use;
– no installer;
– external skin support.

Download it here.

Yes, I’m alive :-)

Several years have passed… For those that have contributed (with donations or reporting bugs and wishes) I said “one day I’ll return the development”. So, here I am.

Some weeks before the first version be released, my keyboard (an Alesis QS6) has broken, and I was keeping the developing based on feedbacks of users or even using with a virtual keyboard. Because of this, I couldn’t “feel the sound” and some ancient bugs surprisingly remains until now, when I bought a keyboard (Roland FA-08) and heard [the bugs] in a few minutes of use, while I was remembering [and “feeling”] the presets from the users.

In resume: news soon.

Dave Polich

Here is the transcription of a e-mail that I’ve just received…


I’m a sound designer myself (I work for Yamaha, Korg, and Dave Smith Instruments). This is the first time I have sent a donation to a software developer.

I think OxeFM sounds fantastic – easily as good as NI’s FM8, maybe even better. Great programming of the presets too.

I have lots of VI’s but this is in my top 10 of all time. Great work!

Best regards,

Dave Polich

DTM Magazine 2008-03

I am happy to announce that Oxe FM Synth has appeared on the Top 200 VSTi plugins list, recommended by the Japanese magazine DTM Magazine, for the second consecutive year.


Today I woke up with this beautiful magazine on my bed. Thanks to Yohei Yamamoto for everything. The magazine has travelled from Japan to Brazil in only seven days, in perfect conditions.

Below is a photo of the page 35:


New site

In the last 3 years, due to a life dedicated to work and family, I get to work in Oxe FM Synth in rare moments, without any releases. I would really like to had done more, but…
Oxe FM Synth is not completly frozen. To help to show it, I’ve decided to change the site. Now I’m using a blog system to manage the site content, as well to offer RSS and a easy way to write something when I have will. Before, while using a static site, it wasn’t possible before doing some web coding and uploading by FTP at home.
But… why now? Simple answer: vacation on Petrolina city (Pernambuco, Brazil). I’ve get to work hard on my personal projects in my last holidays on Petrolina, 3 years before ;-). My two last vacations before the current were inappropriate to work. Sucks…
Now that the site is done, I’ll try to work on the main product.