Open source announcement

From this moment, the Oxe FM Synth is an open source project, licensed under GNU GPL v3, for anyone who want to study the code and contribute to turn it better or even start portings to new platforms. I lost many years of evolution because I didn’t do it before (while I wasn’t evoluting the code), but never is too late. I appreciate some help to do the Mac OS and Linux versions. The code is on GitHub. There are more uses, beside to be a VST plugin: it could be used as a demo/game sound engine too. So… enjoy!


New version with automation support

After many requests, here is the version 1.3.0 with full automation support and some useful features to improve the usability.

– new feature: full automation (on channel 1);
– new feature: mouse over feature;
– new feature: double click for default value;
– new feature: host undo/redo support;
– all parameter changes are now applied immediately;
– removed the “compare” function (right click);
– the “store” button now is only used as “copy” function;
– fixed the fine tune display value when keyboard tracking is off;
– fixed bug in LFO rate control.

Thanks to Doktor Italics, Phil Considine and Layzer for beta testing.

Update available v1.2.1


– Added mouse wheel support;
– Implemented a compare function (just click on right mouse button);
– Fixed stop of mouse drag when beyond the window boundaries;
– Fixed bug that blocks the virtual keyboard of some hosts;
– Fixed effects bug;
– Fixed default skin (buttons Store and Program swapped);
– New skins ‘snow’ and ‘tx802′ + 33 new bass presets by Layzer.



11 years later, a new version is out!

Here is the version 1.2.0. It is mainly a bugfixing version. All annoying known bugs were corrected (I hope so).

I want to thank Layzer for the precious time he spent testing the GUI and making the first alternative skin:




– fixed aleatory pops on envelop decay;
– fixed sustain pedal not working;
– fixed synth stuck after some time;
– fixed out of tune problem when sample rate other than 44100Hz;
– fixed incorrect save state;
– fixed program name editing;
– fixed vst host integration bugs;
– better knobs behaviour;
– MIDI bank select using LSB as index;
– embedded soundbanks (bank0 by “Nolwenn a.k.a Annabelle”, bank1 by “Summa” and “Teksonic”) [for convenience, existing soundbanks are loaded from the filesystem but not saved back in original file];
– no registry use;
– no installer;
– external skin support.

Download it here.