Native Linux VST version is out!

Here is the version 1.3.1, that includes a stability bugfix (for Windows) and a big personal fulfillment: a native Linux VST version. Following what I did in the Windows version, the Linux version was made without frameworks, using the Xlib directly. The code of both versions are very didatic, following the same structure and is a good start point for who want to learn how to do the same. The binaries (Windows and Linux, 32 and 64-bit) are available here.

on Ardour:


on Qtractor (using a non-default skin):



Thank Dave Phillips and Rui Nuno Capela by the tests on Linux, Doktor Italics, Layzer and Phil Considine for tests on Windows.


6 thoughts on “Native Linux VST version is out!

  1. Hey! I’ve been looking for an FM synth with a flexible matrix like this for ages. And it’s free! :O Thanks a lot!

    Question: any idea about why Oxe is not loading skins? I’ve put a ‘skin’ dir as you indicate with totolitoto’s images in it and Oxe is still loading its default one. I know it could possibly be a problem of my linux installation because there you have a screenshot of a themed Oxe running on Ubuntu.

    I’m using Renoise (x64) on Arch Linux.



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