Open source announcement

From this moment, the Oxe FM Synth is an open source project, licensed under GNU GPL v3, for anyone who want to study the code and contribute to turn it better or even start portings to new platforms. I lost many years of evolution because I didn’t do it before (while I wasn’t evoluting the code), but never is too late. I appreciate some help to do the Mac OS and Linux versions. The code is on GitHub. There are more uses, beside to be a VST plugin: it could be used as a demo/game sound engine too. So… enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Open source announcement

  1. I really appreciate you open sourcing this project. I have been learning to code vsts and being able to see the source of a project like this is a huge help.

    Thanks for all of your efforts on Oxe FM and for making it freely available.


  2. Hey, I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for releasing your synth’s source code under the GPL. You rock ! 🙂 I’ve built the plugin successfully for Linux and am testing it on Bitwig Studio 1.2.b7. The GUI still doesn’t show – just a bunch of graphics noise appears – but the presets and controls are all working as they should (in BW’s native plugin container). Sound is excellent, as expected. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help test the synth. I’m no coder, but I do have a little experience with Linux.




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